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EL & ED Programs

The Employments programs is a finishing skill training program delivered through a combination of Industrial training and online training, and can be integrated with the regular diploma/degree curriculum, On the job training is a very strong concept to build practical work-skills: SIRD, along with its group of company, NAPS Industries development incorporation, works with over 200 corporates across Gujarat to aggregate large numbers of  apprentice opportunities across Gujarat in multiple trades and job roles, The EL & ED program helps build the necessary experience in the enrolled students and helps cement the knowledge through a multi-modal learning platform.


Structure of the Program

  • EL & ED - First three month of program online training
  • EL & ED - Second three month of program online training
  • ED         - Last six month of program online training


Duration Program

EL - 6 Month

ED - 1 Year


Operating Structure

  • All the students from ITI, Colleges, Universities enrolled as trainees in NAPS through NAPS aggregate centers
  • The candidate will get opportunities and skilling through SIRD - IDI Academy for EL or ED program
  • Candidates will get benefits of salary and educations (EL or ED)
  • EL or ED certification and tuition will be provided by SIRD (Online training)


Employment linking program (EL)
Employment development program (Ed)